Our Firm

Here's how we fulfill our mission statement:

  1. Alternative asset specialists: When suitable, we encourage many of our clients to place a small percentage (5-25%) into non correlated investments.
  2. Attention: We stay in touch.  We contact you with the frequency you prefer and using the method (phone, email, mail ...) you prefer.
  3. Values based investing:  We help you invest your money in line with your values.
  4. Independence: We work through an independent broker-dealer who has relationships with a large variety of investment providers, so we are not locked into the products of any one company.
  5. Complete portfolio planning:  
  6. Sensible fee structure: Our fees are reasonable, fully disclosed, and structured in a way that aligns our interests with our clients' interests.

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the wide range of financial products and services we provide.