Things may be different

THINGS MAY BE VERY DIFFERENT for the Next 10 - 20 Years that the Last 15 years

Consider the following:

  • Demographics: What happens to the economy and to equity markets when 84 million Millennials move into their peak earning and consumption years?
  • Technology:  When we started out serving clients from our living room we received quotes over a telephone modem.  That was in the late 1980's.  All transactions were done by telephone.  Email did not yet exist.  Cell phones were as big as a shoebox, or bigger.  Our big promotional drive was offering free commodity price charts sent weekly in the mail.  We have come a very long way in the nearly 30 years since.  Entire industries have been built from nothing.  Will the next 30 years see more of the same?
  • War and Terrorism at best create uncertainty; at worst create human and infrastructure disasters.

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