Traditional Investing

Traditional Investing through Investment Insights

Individual asset allocation founded on value, tactical allocation, strategic diversification
The opportunity to do the "right thing"

Investment Insights has an unusual distinction.  It evolved from a commodity-trading firm.  How is this relevant to traditional investing?  Often success with commodities depends on rigorously seeking value.  Few know better than we do how capricious markets can be.  Whether one's portfolio is designed for preservation of capital, income, growth or any combination of these, our mission is to find value first and broad based diversification as a very close second.  We particularly take pride in our methods for identifying under-value, dividend-paying stocks whether it be Large Cap, Small Cap, or other sectors.  We prefer our clients to have investments that pay dividends.  

We are also proud of our expertise in "Green Investing", or as some call it, "Socially Responsible Investing".  This is in perfect keeping with our belief in value.  Opportunities for value can occur when individuals and businesses realize that "doing wrong" is often followed by an expensive price tag, especially as companies are made more and more accountable for the true costs of damaging the environment or public health, and as the depletion of non-renewable, fuels make the development of alternative energy more and more compelling.

At Investment Insights, Inc., we are dedicated to the big picture for you as an investor, and we have the right experience across many disciplines to back that up.  We build each portfolio individually with each investor's financial goals and social values in mind.  Our clients are mostly sophisticated, high-net-worth, and very independent-minded investors.  These are the most alert and most demanding members of the investing public.  They are also the most enjoyable and loyal clients.  Serving them is our biggest source of satisfaction; it's what gets us up and going every business day.  We encourage you to explore with us how we can either improve or manage your investment portfolio.